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What is the Traffik Analysis Hub?

The Traffik Analysis Hub (TA Hub) is a revolutionary partnership across industries and sectors including financial institutions, NGOs, law enforcement and government agencies; all unified by the common goal of sharing data to stop human trafficking. Now live and operational, using advanced cognitive technologies developed by IBM, the TA Hub partners gather information and share highly accessible analysis of human trafficking drawing on over 300,000 records, as part of their day- to-day business.

IBM uses AI technology to quickly analyze and process volumes of data from a variety of sources; while ensuring its security and integrity.

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Our Mission

To unite partners to share information, in order to disrupt human trafficking and create a world where people are not bought and sold.

We can and we must work together to stop human trafficking.

Approximately 40.3 million people around the world are exploited, generating $150 billion in profit to traffickers. Global efforts to counter human trafficking by finding this profit trail are ineffective and fragmented. Traffickers need to recruit up to 20% new victims every year and maintain demand for the products and services of trafficked people and we aren’t able to stop this.

Technology in today’s advanced world allows us to find and disrupt the core of global trafficking through helping to focus all our work and make traffickers sense the increased risk.

Only by working together, by sharing our data safely and enhancing every participant’s ability to deliver, can we make a real and lasting impact on a global scale.

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How it works

Across the globe we have moved from silo working to fears that sharing anything breaches data privacy and thus we hobble the effort to stop human trafficking. But, the TA Hub platform has changed this; it enables partners to combine data from many sources and formats, allowing analysts to draw on an even richer pool of data than ever before. Analysts are better able to identify trafficking patterns, networks and hotspots and focus the right anti-trafficking resources, in the right way.

The platform is hosted in a secure IBM Cloud environment and uses the highly advanced technologies of IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, data visualization, and data analytics, using a wide range of open source data to augment manually curated data from the programme partners.

The TA Hub's highly accessible visual analysis tools can change the paradigm for many participants, offering valuable context and background.

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Why join?

Because we are at a time in history where working together on a global level is not just possible, it’s an imperative and by doing so, we can have a deeply powerful impact; more powerful than by working alone. More partners means more data from a variety of sources - and this improves the IBM’s advanced cognitive technology’s ability to hone in and find opportunities to act and give you the chance to uncover and deter trafficking activity.

It fits perfectly with SDG 8.7 and the F.A.S.T Initiative.

This is your chance to be part of history and finally put an end to trafficking.

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