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Unite. Share. Disrupt human trafficking.

Why Create the Traffic Analysis Hub?

Because we can and we must work together to stop human trafficking. And technology in today’s advanced world allows us to find and attack the trafficker where it hurts them most - their profits.

Approximately 40.3 million people around the world are exploited in various ways, generating about $150 billion in profit for traffickers. These profits are proceeds of crimes against humanity; and its movement through the banking system and business is illegal laundering activity.

Global efforts to identify, track and counter human trafficking and the associated illicit money are ineffective and fragmented. 

Some jurisdictions are increasing legislation, preventative measures and law enforcement. In parallel, many NGOs, charities and faith groups - motivated by humanitarian concern - have programs to identify and rescue victims of trafficking.

And yet, despite these efforts, modern slavery in its many forms still thrives.

It’s possible the diverse and uncoordinated nature of responses to human trafficking may be part of the problem.

Organizations collect information about trafficking relevant to their own operations, and develop their knowledge through that prism. But they often do not see the different perspectives of other organizations.

Voluntary sector organizations dealing with victims have a rich understanding of the narratives of direct experiences of trafficking and exploitation. Financial institutions have data from potentially suspicious transactions and accounts that show signs (“red flags”) of trafficking business. Law enforcement has data about instances of trafficking from their investigations and prosecutions.

But the overall knowledge picture of where trafficking is and how it operates is fragmented. Organizations have little understanding of how their perspective may benefit others; or how to share their perspective, their data, in a safe, trusted and reliable way.

There might also be some reluctance to share information, especially in the anti-trafficking community.  There are concerns about sensitive and personal information, or mis-use of data for commercial gain. For some entities, its simply a matter of failing to appreciate the wider value of the data they hold.

Stop The Traffik (STT) recognized that, through their partnership with IBM, they could ensure data security and powerful analytics.  Could this help encourage collaboration and sharing of information across different sectors and types of organizations?

The concept of “the Hub” emerged; to support a collaborative and trusting environment, and overcome the barriers and reluctance to information sharing.

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Because we are at a time in history where working together on a global level is actually possible, and by doing so, we can have a deeply powerful impact; more powerful than by working alone.  More partners means more data from a variety of sources - and this improves the IBM’s advanced cognitive technology’s ability to hone in and find trouble spots and actually uncover trafficking activity.

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